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Finally, a positive meeting.  Keeping in mind that Hannah was born a month early, her adjusted age would be 3 months.  She is basically just a tad behind in everything at the 2-month level except, and get this, socialization!  She is at a 6-month level in that already.  Not surprising though — she smiles, laughs, recognizes certain people with a big grin (especially me), and babbles back and forth.  Whoo hoo — they even called her a “charmer.”  She has a way of capturing people’s hearts, I tell ya!

We decide to just go on a service plan for now and meet next month to see where we are and if we have a diagnosis.  It was difficult because one of the questions was “what would you like to see in 6 months?”  I told them, we are at this huge fork in the road because we have no clue.  If it turns out to be something benign, then we hope to never need their services.  If it turns out to be something devasting like NPC, then we will need a whole host of services, and everything in between.  So, we will wait another month and, hopefully if we have a diagnosis, we can come up with a better game plan.

But I did ask them about other services, and they do have family counselors that we can talk to and to work with us with the other children if the prognosis is not good with Hannah.  That was a huge relief because we may need the help.  They will also help with obtaining SSI (supplemental income) if we get to that point. 

But for now, good news — she is right where she should be (okay, just a tad behind, but at this age, it is good enough for me!)


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The lady from ECI came over this morning.  She is a nurse that works to assess children to see if they qualify for the early intervention group of programs.   We went through all her symptoms, and the list of specialists that she currently has (a pediatrician and 5 specialists).  Because of Hannah’s possible diagnoses, she is automatically eligible for services.  (I don’t know why that is more upsetting to me than comforting.)

Long story short, we have another meeting with an ECI specialist and a nutritionalist (because of Hannah’s possible metabolic condition) on December 3rd.  They want to have Daddy there too, because that meeting is to come up with a plan of action.

Since Hannah is really too young therapy services at this point, I think, the nurse said they may just monitor her monthly just to keep tabs on her development.  If she does show signs of any type of delay, the appropriate therapy will be ordered immediately since she will already be in the system.

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