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The night before last, I finally took the time to color my hair.  I had to get rid of the “grandma hair,” as Little Girl A calls it, which is ironic since neither of her grandmas have actually gray hair.  (Stereotype at an early age, I guess?)

Anyway, I had to wait 25 minutes for the color to set.  Hannah was pretty fussy and crying in Daddy’s arms.  She gets this way when she doesn’t sleep well during the day, which is another issue we are working on.  I hated watching her cry and even attempted to pick her up, which my husband abruptly stopped me because 1] he wants to take care of her, and 2] the smell of the hair solution was pretty strong and probably not good for Hannah to be leaning against.  I know he was right. 

Even so, it really bothered me to watch her cry and fuss so much.  I even attempted to rinse it out early to take care of her, but my husband said “no.”  We both agree that she needs to learn to be comforted by someone other than me (especially with her daddy), but it is so hard to watch. He tried so hard.  He tried the rocking chair, walked around the house, laid down with her, stroked her face like she likes it…you name it, he tried it.

The 25 minutes finally ended and I took a quick shower and got ready for bed.  As soon as I opened the doors from the bathroom.  She was crying hysterically to the point where her face started to get red and blotchy. 

I picked her up and put her on my shoulder… it couldn’t have been more than 20 seconds, but she was quiet and laying on me.  I looked at her splotchy red and tear-stained face, and she gave me the biggest smile.  I smiled back. I then said “Hannah, you do realize you just broke your daddy’s heart!”  She laid her head right back on my shoulder and took a big breath and relaxed.  We laid down on the bed, and she fell immediately asleep.

THAT was an incredibly “Mommy” moment.  So powerful.  So amazing.


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